The Future of Augmented Reality Is On Top of Your Nose


Can Muffin  see these characters?

No.  She just happened to look in that direction when the picture was taken. But, the person taking the picture saw them. And guess what…

The characters can look back.

There are two reasons why we decided to use augmented reality to show off our characters:

1. We want people to play with our characters. Augmented reality is hot right now (at least among techies and nerds). Why not take advantage of a trend? And who knows – maybe it’s not a trend.

2. Augmented reality is an ideal venue for autonomous characters with geolocation. (What does that mean? I can’t tell you. If I tell you I will have to kill myself).

It tires out your arms to hold a smartphone or tablet up in order to view digital content overlaid onto the camera’s view of reality. But I think this is a transitory form factor for augmented reality. Eventually, augmented reality will be overlaid onto glasses that we wear on our heads. Having these images overlaid on glasses would free up our hands.

The idea of SmartGlasses is not as creepy to me as it used to be.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been thinking about it a lot now, or maybe it’s because I’m getting used to the idea of Google Glass. But before I get into that, let me show you a video about a new augmented reality  glasses product from Epson:

Yes, Google and Epson are pushing the post-human agenda by encouraging us to put technology on our bodies. And yes, this is creepy. But as long as glasses are a device that can be easily taken on and off, I am less worried about augmented reality becoming a predator to normal reality.

For the same reason that I sometimes want to turn off my cell phone and put it in my pocket, I should be able to take off my smartglasses and stick them in my pocket.

But enough about the future of augmented reality. I am more excited about the future of self-animated characters! Here’s a video I recently made about how we will design a book where the characters interact with the reader (using augmented reality – that is…the old fashioned kind).


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